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Chocolate Dragées

Chocolate Dragées

Chocolate dragées are fine chocolate delicately covered with a thin sugar shell.

Dragées are one of the oldest sweets in Europe. The history of Dragées dates back to the early times of ancient Rome, where honey covered almonds were offered to celebrate imperial births and weddings. This tradition continued through the ages especially among European aristocrats. Today dragées are still popular and are commonly used in favours (small gifts or tokens given to your guests as a thank you for sharing your special day). Favours can be given to your guests at christenings, baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, hen parties or any occasion when you want to give your guests something special to remember.

Our superior quaity dragées are imported through our exclusive provider Vanparys in Belgium. Vanparys is one of the oldest and most renowned chocolatier in Europe. Founded in 1889, Vanparys was established as a family business by Felix Vanparys in the heart of Brussels, in Belgium. The original recipe and preparation are still attentively followed, with rich Belgian chocolate, or the finest selection of almonds coated with a thin layer of sugar, all carefully prepared in traditional, rotating copper vats

Full health and safety guidelines are adhered to when handling all our confectionery.