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History of Vanparys

The confectionery and chocolaterie Vanparys began as a family business founded in 1889 by Felix Vanparys, near the fashionable Sablon neighbourhood in the heart of Brussels. The recipe and preparation of Felix’s original dragées are still attentively followed… with rich Belgian chocolate, or the finest selection of almonds coated with a thin layer of sugar, all carefully prepared in traditional, rotating copper vats, at precise temperatures, at an exact number of revolutions.

Chocolate is not merely a product, it is a passion! One anchored in centuries-long tradition. Every bite of Vanparys tells the story of its provenance, ingredients and a carefully prepared recipe exclusive only to our sweets.

A passion for quality

Vanparys Chocolate is melted and poured into small almond-shaped moulds to form a delicious core.

The core is coated with a layer of sugar and Arabic gum, forming an impenetrable shell that prevents the infiltration of moisture and protects the core from deforming or melting during the rest of the production process.

Next, a sugar solution is poured over the previously dried and gummed core. The solution is evenly distributed over the entire dragées thanks to the rotating movement of the vat in which this encapsulating is done. The duration of this phase determines the thickness of the sugar layer to be applied to each dragées.

The dragées are next placed into another vat where they are coated with a small amount of coloured and/or flavoured sugar syrup. And then are left to dry.

Luxurious silver-leaf coated dragées are created in rotating crystal vats with beads of pearls to help polish the edges.

Finished dragées are laid out and examined one at a time in order to remove any dragées containing defects such as differences in size, thickness of the sugar coat, uneven colouring, etc.

We manufacture to BRC and SAC (AFSCA) safety and quality certification standards. And also have a Halal certificate.